Saturday, March 14, 2009

pho cafe: a sliver of vietnam in silverlake

i love vietnamese food, and have struggled to find a decent place to chow on vermicelli and pho for quite a while now.  the best place i have found (so far....suggestions please?)  is the pho cafe, a small, urban, spot without a sign on sunset blvd in silverlake.  though most good ethnic places tend to be dives, pho cafe happens to be asthetically pleasing, if you can get past the super bright lights which reveal every flaw in your skin!  the space is small and you may have to wait for a table, but once you sit down and order, the food is out in a flash.  the menu is basic for vietnamese: pho and vermicelli at a very reasonable price (entrees are about $7.50) and the flavor is authentic.  remember to bring cash, as they do not take any credit cards.    

pho cafe
2841 w sunset blvd
la 90026



  1. le saigon in west LA (near nook) and blossom in downtown are both pretty good too!

  2. if you want vietnamese, then you will have to go to the OC

  3. best value in town