Monday, March 2, 2009

cool things by cool people: minnie mortimer

minnie mortimer is the epitome of style.  an nyc girl transplanted to la a few years ago, minnie's style is a reflection of all the roles she has played flawlessly throughout her twenty-something years: prep school coed, new york socialite, international photographers assistant, fashion designer, wife of an academy award winning hollywood director, and most recently, mother.  the thing i like about minnie's style is that she has mastered the craft of mixing and matching designer duds with thrifty finds.  after years of playing dress up in other peoples clothes, minnie decided to start designing her own, and now women everywhere can indulge in a slice of her style.  her spring and summer collections are hitting stores as we speak, so scoop them up before everyone else does!

cool things by minnie
favorite hole-in-the-wall: johnnie's in culver city.  best pastrami sandwich in town.
favorite fine dining: il ristorante di giorgio baldi.  the pumpkin ravioli and truffle pasta are divine.
la bar: jones
la hotel: the chateau
coffee: iced lattes at axe, dola on abbot kinney
t-shirt: american vintage, american apparel.  because i don't like spending a lot on t-shirts.
store to splurge: martin margiela
store to save: flea markets: long beach, rose bowl, santa monica airport
gift: photography books. i really like slim aarons and tina barney.
magazine: vanity fair, tar(brand new), nylon, paper(my alltime favorite because they are always one step ahead).  i'm a magazine junky.  i read all of them.
book: black flies by shannon burke and american eve(about the stanford white murder and his mistress evelyn nesbit).
movie i can watch a million times: syriana.  the filmmaker is a genius! (husband stephen gaghan)
movie this year: control. i think it was from last year, but i love it.
television show i can't miss:  gossip girl, dominique dunne's power, privilege, and justice.
band of all time:  the clash
band of the moment: the virgins
nail polish color: i switch every 5 days, but probably candy apple red.
blackberry or iphone application:  bbm for sure.
downtown gem:  noodle shops in little tokyo, japanese bookstore where i buy japanese fashion mags
home furnishing store: nathan turner.  he has the best edited fabric and antique collection.
beauty product: chanel precision moisturizer
la escape: the back porch of my mandeville canyon home
weekend escape: i never go on any!  i would love to go to ojai.
best advice my parents ever gave me: "don't smoke.  it ages you." and "moisturize every night before you go to sleep."
worst advice my parents ever gave me: don't question the doctor.  take whatever he gives you.
one thing la is missing: yellow cabs. i miss sticking out my finger and hailing a cheap cab.
the article of clothing i wear the most: my minnie mortimer shirtdress.  it's just so versatile.
bed linens: d porthault
website: fed ex.  it's just so useful.  especially when you have a baby.
guilty pleasure: fosters freeze dip cones on pico.  cookies from the city bakery.
sunglasses: ray bans, persol's (i steal them from my husband).
la moment: when i walk into a party and everyone is talking about which freeway and streets they took to get there.
trend prediction: facial tattoos.  i've always sort of wanted one.  i wish i could have a black tear, but i haven't killed anyone...yet!

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