Sunday, March 8, 2009

cool things by cool people: david dixon

david dixon is a good person to invite to a dinner party.  with his ralph lauren looks and ivy league brain, he is one of those people who knows something about everything and still asks questions because he wants to know more.  six years ago dixon left his cush and stable trading job at goldman sachs in nyc for la la land, in order to pursue creative real estate ventures.  one of these ventures, was the renovation of the historic howard manor hotel in palm springs, which he oversaw from start to finish.  now dubbed the colony palms, dixon is part owner of the moroccan chic luxury hotel which has quickly made a name for itself amongst the hip set of hollywood.  if he is not out at teddy's or the chateau near his west hollywood residence, you will find him surfing the break outside of his malibu pad.  "i love los angeles," he says, "i believe la is having its moment."  when i ask him why, expecting a simple answer, he goes on to list a variety of reason. "the cost vs. the quality of life ratio favors la over ny.  ny lost a lot of that during the "hedgefundification" era.  therefor, creative talent that la wouldn't normally attract is settling here, realizing how great a city this is to live.  this has been feeding off itself  for some time and very much and strengthening the art scene.  the mature art scene is also coming of age with the bcam as well as micharel govan running lacma.  other factors include the major diversification of economy vs. the 2 horse town (entertainment & aerospace/defense) that la used to be.  fashion has very much been on this rise here since the denim and graphic t-shirt explosion.  additionally, there has been a major reduction of smog and pollution and the restaurant scene is strengthening."  that pretty much says it all.

tacos: howdy's malibu
favorite fine dining: madeo
alcoholic beverage: stella artois
non-alcoholic beverage: kombucha
magazine: monocle
book: the fountainhead
home furnishing store: twentieth
store to splurge: fred segal
store to save: target
beauty product: malin + goetz
the article of clothing i wear the most: black lna t-shirt
bed linens: matteo
the strangest thing in my wallet: a metrocard
gossip website:
dj: whoever is playing poolside at the raleigh at the winter music conference in miami
artist: basquiat
sexiest actress: scarlett
sunglasses: ray ban aviators since 1988
swimming trunks: vilebrequin
shampoo: whatever hotel i have been to recently
album i can listen to from start to finish: "no need to argue" by the cranberries
the most embarrassing song on my ipod: "girls just want to have fun" by cyndi lauper
hike: paseo miramar
beach: paradise cove, malibu
where i go for inspiration: new york
one thing i did in the past i wish i could change: not starting a hedge fund in 2002
one thing i wore that i will never live down: parachute pants
most la moment: sitting next to cher at a small dinner party
trend prediction: authentic american style
next hot neighborhood: east la


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