Friday, March 6, 2009

where to shop if you are in denial of the recession: free city supershop

the free city supershop in the malibu country mart is one of those stores that i wish i could hate.  i mean, a store, that opened it's doors primarily to sell $200 t-shirts?  i would also like to go on to say that i would never dream of spending that much on a sweatshirt, but that would in fact, be a lie, as i own a few of them and they were worth every cent because i wear them all the time. i once had a homeless person walk up to me while i was wearing a green one, which simply read "free city."  he looked at me in a very mischievous and snarky manner and burst out "free city!  ha ha.  where do i find me one of those?"  buttery soft cotton, worn in but still new looking, and fitted to perfection, free city has been a los angeles staple for years, almost to the point of being totally played out.  once upon a time, it was only sold at fred segal on melrose, but a few years ago, designer nina garduno, who has worked for fred segal since the age of 17, opened the flagship "supershop" in malibu, offering much more than insanely priced t-shirts and sweatshirts.   walking into the store, is an experience in and of itself.  joni mitchell, the rolling stones, bob dylan, blare from the speakers.  bright colors, graphics, pop art, bicycles hanging from the ceiling.  peter mack art books, moccasins, susan sontag books, iggy pop albums from the 70's.  everything is cleverly displayed in an asymmetrical space with skylights splashing beams of sunlight around the room in a way that feels surreal.  if you are into design, fashion, art, music, or cool things in general, take a drive down the pch and pop into free city.  if you don't have the time, check out their website, which will implore you to make the time.  

3866 cross creek road
malibu, ca 90265

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