Wednesday, March 4, 2009

recession chic hair: rudy's barbershop

a few years ago i noticed my friend amber had gotten a haircut, and it looked amazing.  i asked her where she had gone, expecting her to name some super expensive and trendy salon in beverly hills.  i was shocked when she responded, rudy's barbershop.  when i hear the word "barbershop", i think about the place my father went to get his haircut when i was a little girl.  a place where the red, white, and blue barbers pole swivels outside, and inside, an old man holds an electric razor to his patrons head, as they "chew the fat."   i knew that several of my guy friends had been getting their hair cut at the rudy's at the standard hotel for years, but i didn't realize that girls did too!  when rudy's opened an outpost near my home on main street, i decided to give it try.  what did i have to lose, other than a few inches of hair?  the interior of the main street location is very lofty and urban, with all of their prices clearly listed on the wall so there is no confusion.  after the stylist washes your hair with yummy smelling bumble & bumble products, they snip away your hair in a speedier manner than you are probably used to.  after the cut, they give you the option of a blow dry at an additional cost.  i have been a patron of the hip and minimalist "barbershop" which boasts $24 haircuts for women, for a few years now, and the results have been fantastic for the most part.  recently, i discovered an absolute gem at rudy's, logan cantrell, who charges $100 for cuts at a chic beverly hills salon a few of my friends go to.  he gave me the best cut and style, and also a lively conversation.  he works saturday and sunday 11-7 and monday 3-9.  i would recommend calling first if you want to see him, though you might get lucky just by walking in.

rudy's barbershop

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