Saturday, February 14, 2009

one of the last used bookstores standing: angel city books

if you like to read or just like the way that books look on your shelves, than you should definitely check out angel city books off main street in santa monica. most of the charming bookstores in la are shutting their doors, due the doomed economy and the fact that most people here only read scripts and perez hilton, but angel city isn't going anywhere!  though a bit cramped and not too aesthetically appealing, owners rocco ingala, jr and steve rodriguez keep the shelves overflowing with only the best in black and white print and the walls covered with interesting artwork.  whether you are looking for a book on philosophy, a novel to read on an airplane, or a guide to help you finish your script, you will find it here, and at a very reasonable price.  on their website it says, "we believe that selling literature is not like selling hardware and that the current trend of superstore is an inappropriate method for the handling of literature precisely because there is no distinction between the great and the mundane."  rocco, the long haired hippy behind the desk, has been a main street staple for many years, and is a bit of a character himself.  he is always open to offering suggestions, and will not let you down!  and for people who just like the way that books look, trust me: used books that look like they have actually been read look way cooler than brand new ones ordered on  after you grab your books, head next door and grab some java at novel cafe, which always makes for some interesting people watching.

rocco's favorite authors
henry miller
arthur rimbaud
rainer maria rilke
antonin artaud
jack kerouac
charles bukowski
218 pier ave
santa monica 90405

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